Make Your SEO Project Move Faster

Every company has different SEO priorities and every SEO project has different stakeholders. Botify enables you to manage your projects and build a story for everyone.

Prioritize SEO Work on Strategic Pages

Botify’s segmentation is one of our customers’ most beloved features. It allows you to organize your website into groups of URLs that reflect the way your business works. Use segments - and subsegments - to identify SEO trends and opportunities to prioritize projects.

Illuminate Stakeholder Objectives

Generate custom reports for any SEO stakeholder, scenario, or objective. Create custom projects or groups that reflect the goals and workflow of various departments. This allows you to easily communicate results to a manager, an agency, or a marketing team with the metrics that matter the most.

Gain Instant Alerting

Receive instant email alerts with specific KPIs and reports, customized for your particular SEO campaign, such as spikes in 404s, decreases in ranking, and increase in visits on the strategic pages. Control who receives emails, and what data they see, from the custom reports dashboard. Ensure that all stakeholders possess relevant and digestible information, as it happens.

Build Impactful Dashboards In Seconds

Discover how enterprise SEO teams build custom dashboards to make their projects succeed.

Monitor Googlebot Daily

Monitor and optimize the activity of Googlebots (desktop, smartphone, etc.) on your website everyday.

Verify Optimization Impacts

Tell your website’s story. Build your own custom reports to track the success of your specific optimizations.

Prevents Errors

Receive immediate alerts that highlight abnormal crawl behavior, so you can take swift and decisive action in response.

Translate Results to Stakeholders

Translate the value of your optimizations. Build customized group reports that underscore the KPIs and results that matter the most to project stakeholders.

Focus On Strategic Segments

Understand all the unique facets of your site’s most important sections. Break your website into strategic groups of URLs using segmentation.

Manage Important Projects

Prepare, monitor, and verify your team’s most important projects, including HTTPs migration, mobile-first transition, AMP deployment, and any other advanced scenarios.

Discover how Botify makes your team's SEO projects move faster!