Measure and Boost Your Organic Traffic and Revenue

With 93% of all online experiences starting through a search engine, along with search (organic and paid) overtaking social as the largest source of referral traffic, business leaders are looking for ways to protect this valuable channel. Learn how Botify can help you secure ROI for all your organic channels.

Get The Ranking That Matters For Your Business

The value of your content isn't measured by its ranking, but rather by the way your audience interacts with the content. Botify utilizes real user behavior collated from Google to reveal clicks, missed clicks, volume of impressions, and other contextual data to understand true content performance.

Drive Qualified Audiences

Analyze real searcher behavior to generate qualified visitors that will impact your bottom line. Contextualize rankings data to gain unprecedented insights into user demographics and audience demand. Turn queries into customers by assessing user interactivity on your website and uncovering purchasing intent.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Botify measures and proves the impact of SEO on your bottom line. Track specific optimizations and efforts, and tie them to performance measures such as organic traffic and CTR. Communicate the value of your SEO campaigns to any stakeholder or department with custom reporting based on 500+ SEO KPIs.

Boost Your Bottom Line With Botify

Turn queries into revenue by converting qualified visitors into customers. Incorporate real behavioral and goal conversion metrics, directly from your web analytics, into your search strategy to make your business even more profitable.

Go Beyond Ranking

Harness real queries from Google Search Console to unlock a universe of user behavior data, such as volume of impressions, CTR, and missed clicks, so you can shape revenue-building relationships with your customers.

Unlock True CTR

Unlock the true potential of your click-through rate. Tie technical SEO to rankings data, page performance, and content quality, so you can influence the factors that underpin customer behavior.

Minimize Bounce Rate

Create experiences that keep users on the page. Uncover customer engagement by tracking how users interact with your content, including bounce rate by device, bounce rate distribution, and session duration.

Enhance the User Experience

Enhance your digital assets by building webpages and content that boost the user experience. Analyze user behavior to design a website that promotes revenue generation.

Boost Your SEO Revenue

Make your bottom line surge with complete visibility into customer demand and user behavior. Shape content, experiences, and relationships that drive purchasing behaviors.

Prove SEO Impact

Generate concrete performance insights for all project stakeholders. Create custom reports that can show the impact SEO has on your business.

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WebinarCreate the Perfect SEO Dashboard

Put high-impact KPIs front and center so you can take action and drive results!

Botify’s Custom Reports enable users to generate bespoke reporting for any SEO stakeholder, scenario, or objective. Create custom projects or groups that reflect the goals and workflow of any of your company’s SEO stakeholders.

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