Be Mobile-First

57% of traffic is now mobile, Google is deploying its mobile-first index, publishers and retailers are embracing the AMP wave, mobile load time performance is becoming a ranking signal, and much more. Discover how Botify helps SEO teams to build mobile into their SEO DNA.

Be Ready For The Mobile-First Index

Use Botify to prepare for the mobile-first index with step-by-step visibility into the key determinative factors, and control over what impacts them. Optimize load time, crawl with a mobile user agent, and confirm parallelism between mobile and desktop. Then watch Google's crawl behavior in real-time to confirm the transition.

Harness The Power of AMP

AMP offers SEOs the chance to gain more visiblity in search and improve the mobile user experience. Measure content similarity between your desktop and AMP pages and understand factors that can impact the visibility of your AMP pages in the SERPs. Compare AMP performance to desktop pages - do they get higher rankings, clicks, or lower bounce rate?

Get The Fastest Mobile Pages

Page speed has always been a critical factor for the user experience, but now it's gained status as a ranking signal*. Botify can definitively tie performance delay to Google's crawl, real rankings, and other organic performance measures that uncover the impact of page speed.

Conquer The Mobile-First Index With Botify

Use Botify to ensure flawless transitions to the mobile-first index, confirm the exact moment you switch over, optimize mobile ranking factors like load time, foster successful AMP deployments, and segment data by device to understand how visitors use your site.

Ensure Mobile Compliance

Prepare, execute, and ensure your transition to the mobile-first index and discover the exact moment you transition using SEO log file analysis.

Optimize Load Time

Optimize major ranking factors such as the load time on mobile devices by understanding the impact performance delay has on organic success.

Enforce Content Parity

Verify that AMP pages achieve content parity with their equivalent pages, to ensure visibility in search.

Build On Mobile Keywords

Increase mobile conversions by utilizing device-segmented user queries to find keywords that appeal to mobile searchers.

Chart Device-Specific Insights

Understand how mobile customers are using your website. Generate the impressions, clicks, and CTRs on mobile devices for specific keywords.

Improve Mobile CTR

Contextualize CTR for mobile devices, so you can make page improvements that promote mobile growth.

Conquer the mobile-first index! Boost mobile ranking factors & confirm your transition.
WebinarConquer The Mobile-First Index

Prepare for the mobile-first index with step-by-step visibility into key determinative factors, and control over what impacts them, by:

  • Initiating a crawl to perform a full audit of your mobile website
  • Understanding if Googlebot for Smartphones can crawl your mobile website
  • Verifying, at scale, the canonical and rel=alternate tags for desktop and mobile pages
  • Confirming parallelism between your mobile website and desktop website

Learn how you can best prepare for the Mobile-First Index. Watch the webinar on demand today!