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Connect the Power of Keywords with Technical SEO

Reconcile Search Intent and Technical SEO with Botify Keywords

With the addition of Botify Keywords, for the first time, SEOs can connect rankings with technical SEO for every page on your site.

With Botify’s innovative new solution, SEOs can definitively tie crawl budget to performance or content quality to search intent.

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Gain visibility into the entire ranking process

The combination of our multi award-winning applications: Botify Analytics, Botify Log Analyzer, and Botify Keywords gives you insight into the entire ranking process.

We don’t only show you how you’re ranking, we show you all the Technical SEO factors that can improve your rankings.

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See search intent and detect trends

Match queries to content to understand search intent behind your visits. Optimize content based on traffic to capture even more relevant searchers.

Detect changes in search behavior to see when shoppers start engaging with holiday content or how searchers are looking for seasonal flight deals.

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Access mobile-first insights

Conquer the mobile-first search landscape with unique device-specific charts. See mobile graphs by pagetype with insights about visits, impressions, and CTR.

Our one-click filter will also configure the entire Botify Keywords dashboard to show you device-specific ranking data.

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Distinguish between brand and non-brand performance

Distinguish between brand and non-brand performance for ranking keywords, impressions and visits.

Include branded keywords in your ranking dashboards or isolate non-brand queries in your ranking reports to demonstrate the true value of your work.

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Unlock fully integrated and customized reporting

Fully customizable ranking reports allow you to see ranking pages and their technical SEO KPIs the way you want to.

See every found keyword and the ranking URL in one report then take advantage of the freedom to manipulate hundreds of content, ranking, and technical SEO indicators.

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What makes Botify unique?

High-Speed Analysis

High-Speed Analysis

Huge Data Capacity

Huge Data Capacity

URL-Level Detail

URL-Level Detail

 Full Customization

Full Customization

Make the most of your analytics


Onboarding & Training

Receive comprehensive training and customized set-up of the tool to ensure you have the precise features you need to run detailed analyses.


Expert Support Specialists

Support teams are at hand to answer technical questions and guide you through the platform to find exactly the data you need to succeed.


Botify Academy

Become a Certified Botify Expert! Earn your badge and join our community of SEO experts, preview new features, and more.