BotifyCONNECT Paris: Understand JavaScript’s Evolving Impact on SEO

June 28th 2018
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

22 Rue Royale, 75008 Paris

BotifyCONNECT is the premier meetup and networking event open to SEO professionals from around the globe. Join us for a night of new SEO insights, free food and drinks, and a casual networking environment!

In our next BotifyCONNECT, Botify’s SEO experts will share real insights that spark discussions about one of today’s most pressing SEO topics - JavaScript!


With the increase in the render capabilities of search bots, the influence of Javascript on SEO is not only real, but growing in a way that demands attention from anyone serious about search optimization.

Join the latest BotifyCONNECT to learn how to navigate JavaScript’s ascendant influence on SEO with insights including:

  • How search engine bots take JS into account
  • How JS has different SEO impacts on different websites
  • What you can do to improve performance of your JS content in search
  • Where the relationship between JS and SEO is headed (ahem...ranking differentiator)

Gain real visibility into one of the year’s biggest SEO topics, with input from some of the industry’s leading SEO luminaries, and our savvy team. See the latest optimizations that you can implement right now for instant ROI.

Attend BotifyCONNECT

In addition to our own SEO experts, attendees are encouraged to share SEO experiences within their own organizations.

Attend the next BotifyCONNECT! Join us for drinks on June 28 from 6:30pm - 9:00pm at 22 Rue Royale, 75008 Paris to take part in the discussion.

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