SEO & Publishers: Meetup Highlights

26th September 2016

Were you able to make it to September’s Botify Meetup - all about SEO for Publishers?

No? No problem! It’s not always easy to make it out for our events, but we don’t want you to miss out on all the great information and discussion.

Botify Meetup: SEO & Publishers

With our expert speakers, we talked about everything from website structure to the needs of different types of media content to core problems Publishers often encounter that makes SEOs scratch their heads.

Here are some of the highlights of Botify Meetup #4: SEO & Publishers:

On managing content quality:
“For AuFeminin, as a pure-player, SEO is our entire history. We work with journalists who are trained daily in SEO." - Claire Sassonia

“You must not write just to write. You have to write to say something to generate quality traffic.” - Veronique Duong

"Content is updated and follows trends. We watch what works and what doesn’t work, and then we try something new.” - Charlotte Prevost

“[For us] it requires at least 800 words to generate traffic. The more words in the articles, the more traffic they generate. I found this through using Botify… But, at the same time, equally important is the originality of the topic, the subject, and the targeted keywords will play an important role.” - Veronique Duong

On handling common topics & content online:
"Everyone has the same results in the end. It all just depends on the presentation and the news. It’s better to have 10 results about the Ikea catalog than just 1 result." - Charlotte Barre

"In terms of content, it depends on what the searcher is looking for: if they want text or video content. If a searcher is looking for how to do their hair in a chignon, she doesn’t want 200-word content. She’s looking for something easy, that is, video.” - Aurélie Moulin

"The first impression that a searcher has on a page is very important!" - Annabelle Bouard

"We think about the users first, and we try to bring them the best possible content to avoid the feeling of intrustive advertising." - Claire Sassonia

On content accessibility:
"At Webedia we have a structural approach. We use tools like Botify and pair them with other tools to measure navigation patterns and search traffic." - Frédéric Devigne

"Working on non-active pages [pages not generating organic traffic] is a huge project." Aurélie Moulin

"The news side will work on its own. The big SEO project to tackle is on cold pages, the archive." Charlotte Barre

"We don’t throw anything out. We do cleaning with Botify and identify errors pages, 301 redirects, and other problems." - Charlotte Barre

On daring SEO practices:
"We delete all the pages that don’t draw an audience!" - Aurélie Moulin

*All quotes translated from French to English

The results are in - people loved it!

Indispensable: Ensure the accessibility of content (particularly old content) with site structure, internal linking...

Bravo Botify for the meetup about content quality and SEO!

A video from the Botify Meetup: speaking about the importance of content originality

Of course a huge thank you goes out to our awesome, informative speakers for making this event so successful. We were thrilled with the detailed answers and explanations that helped all our attendees get a better grasp on how to best tackle their Publisher SEO problems.

Future Meetups - Dedicated to you!

Publishing not your thing? Not to worry. We have plenty of meetups coming up that will cover a range of topics, focusing on the issues you care about and the needs of your specific industry.

Stay tuned for news about our next Botify Meetup! Topic to be announced soon.

What would you love to hear the Botify team - and our esteemed speakers - talk about in our next meet-up? Let us know!

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