BotifyCONNECT SEO Summit Highlights

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BotifyCONNECT SEO Summit Highlights

28th February 2017ElizabethElizabeth

Last week, Botify held our inaugural event in London: BotifyCONNECT Customer Summit.

We brought together an exclusive group of high-end, Enterprise SEO experts to share their industry best practices, how they do SEO for their businesses, and what makes Botify the ideal tool for high-powered results.

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All in all, the event was a rousing success. Though what happens at BotifyCONNECT stays at BotifyCONNECT, here’s what we can share about the day’s events!

Botify’s SEO Summit in London

With some of the UK’s most highly respected ECommerce brands on hand, bonafide experts shared their latest SEO challenges and how they approach each issue with Botify to drive high-yield results. These case studies generated excited discussions, with participants digging into the details to understand just how these experts achieved their success.

Our speakers jumped into highly technical analyses using Botify Analytics and Log Analyzer, including advanced features. A very senior SEO at a highly successful content publishing platform who spent years deep into search analytics, he knows what he’s looking for in an SEO tool. He highlighted his use of custom Metrics Tables as critical to accessing huge amounts of complex data he couldn’t access anywhere else.

A later segment, with a global stock image brand, focused on the invaluable ability to A/B test, breaking a site of millions of pages into segments, to look at search engine crawl behavior. They illustrated how they were able to track the impact of changes to Image Search that can take months to appear using Log Analysis, and then how they put those insights to work.

Many attendees actively worked in their own Botify platforms, manipulating the tool live, mirroring the concepts and processes described in each case study being presented to understand the deep technical SEO step by step.

Exclusive Access & Insights

Attendees of the BotifyCONNECT event not only got exclusive access to pick the brains of some of the industry’s best SEO minds as they discussed case studies and networked over coffee, but they also got an insider look at what’s to come at Botify.

We shared our product roadmap for the first half of 2017, showing all the product advancements and exciting new features you can expect from Botify. Off to a strong start with our JavaScript Crawling launch in January, there’s much to come in the next few months.

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