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Botify’s Google Data Studio Integration Is Now LIVE: Build The Perfect Dashboards For Your Business

Botify’s Google Data Studio Integration is Now LIVE: Build the Perfect Dashboards for Your Business

18th September 2018Kevin BartleyKevin Bartley

Take creative control! Build custom dashboards to fully visualize all the metrics that matter the most to your business, in one place, with our new Google Data Studio integration.

Sometimes your SEO performance, KPIs, and implementation require unique, cross-platform reports to tell the stories hidden within your data. To empower you to tell those stories, we’ve integrated our award-winning metrics with Google Data Studio so you can build the perfect custom dashboards.


Build the Most Impactful Visualizations for Your Business In Just a Few Clicks

Google Data Studio turns your data into visualized reports that are easy to read, simple to share, and fully customizable. You can visualize your data from over 120 different platforms – including Google Analytics, BigQuery, and Google Search Console – all in the same place.

And now we’re integrating all of Botify’s SEO KPIs with Google Data Studio, too!

Getting Set Up: Import Botify KPIs into Google Data Studio

To use the Botify Google Data Studio integration, you need to have access to Botify’s API. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you’re interested in gaining access. To retrieve your API token, view our API documentation.

Start by creating a new Google Data Studio report (note: the service is free to use). Then add Botify as a Data Source and enter your Botify API Token. Select the crawl you want to import by specifying your username, project, and individual crawl name.


Our Google Data Studio integration comes with a templated report to get you started. You can use the report as a baseline, and then modify it to suit your specific objectives.

See the Full Picture: Create Visualizations That Tell Your Company’s Unique Stories

Once you’ve imported your Botify data, you can create new visualizations and customize the Botify KPIs displayed to build the exact dashboard you need. Start by choosing the visualization type that you want from the toolbar. Then use the selector to choose which Dimensions and Metrics you’d like to graph inside your visualization.
You can track changes in metrics from one crawl to the next. The “previous” field allows you to capture data for the prior crawl, so you can study evolutions between analyses.


With the “Style” tab you can customize the look and feel of your visualizations. You can even filter your new component to focus on particular segments/subspaces of your website, or to study a specific kind of page.

Once you’ve created the perfect report, share it! Send your report to your team, your boss, or other stakeholders. Create a public URL for your report by clicking on “File” then “Embed Report”.


Take Data Visualizations to New Heights: Deploy Botify’s Unmatched KPIs in Google Data Studio

Once again, Botify is empowering teams to communicate and move faster by generating custom reports that share the metrics that matter. This exciting new capability is only our first version of this integration, but expect many more visualization innovations to follow!

Are you already using Data Studio for your SEO needs? Chime in in the comments! We’d love to hear about more use cases for data and ETL pipelines for SEO analysis in BI visualization tools.

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