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“Where Do I Start?” Just Got Easier. Introducing ActionBoard — Your Prioritized SEO To-Do List.

By The Botify Team

“I manage a site with millions of URLs. There are log files, crawl data, keyword data, and analytics data. It’s overwhelming — where do I start?”

Can you relate? If so, you’re definitely not alone.

Even the most experienced SEOs have a hard time wading through the mountains of data. It can be difficult, especially on large enterprise websites, to pinpoint which issues represent the highest-impact opportunities.

When it comes to modern enterprise teams, SEOs are among the smartest of the bunch. They don’t need a substitute for their expertise. They need a tool that can cut through the noise and point them to the most important actions they need to take. They need something that can help them spend less time on the busywork of trying to find the needle in their data haystack and more time proactively strategizing how to tackle the issues at hand. A tool that can help confirm their hypotheses and give them the confidence they need to move forward with their actions.

Turns out, we can help with that.

What is ActionBoard?

ActionBoard, powered by Botify Intelligence, is a new tool for prioritizing SEO actions. It works by analyzing the thousands of metrics we know about a website (from its server log files, crawls, etc.) to identify and prioritize the most important actions to take. Essentially, our system processed thousands of “it depends” scenarios to ensure we prioritized what actions to take based specifically on your data.

As enterprise SEOs know all too well, fixing something “because it’s SEO best practice” does not scale. You need a pointed list of suggested fixes based on what’s working and not working on your specific website. You and your team don’t have time to run through endless lists of generic SEO suggestions. ActionBoard allows you to work smarter, not harder.

ActionBoard is also updated after each crawl, so you get proactive and ongoing alerts about what’s happening on your site and how you could react.

ActionBoard Botify

Choose SEO actions based on projected impact

ActionBoard allows you to see a prioritized list of SEO actions, ordered by their projected impact — but how does it determine projected impact?

It wasn’t easy, but we felt it was important to give each customer a customized list of priorities based on their own site’s data. SEOs and the teams they work with should never have to risk wasting their time on generic “SEO best practice” fixes without a certain degree of assurance that it’ll have a positive impact on their outcomes. With ActionBoard, that’s possible.

It starts by analyzing your SEO data, then overlaying the Botify Intelligence algorithm. We look at everything from how often Google is crawling (or not crawling) your pages, to how many links a page has, in order to rank the SEO actions by priority.

Say ActionBoard has identified an issue with your site’s canonical tags — maybe you have canonical tags pointing to non-indexable pages. ActionBoard will look at factors such as how many instances of the issue it found. For example, it’ll show you how many URLs the issue is affecting, whether the issue impacts active or non-active pages, and what percentage of your total URLs that represents.

Because Botify pulls in all your SEO data, we’re also able to prioritize issues based on how they’re impacting bottom-funnel metrics like traffic. This is especially helpful data for justifying developer or content resources. When resources and time are scarce, it’s helpful to have data to back up the importance of your suggested actions.

actionboard botify

Filter to view suggested SEO actions by theme

Say ActionBoard alerts you to the fact that 25% of the pages in your sitemap are returning a 3xx status code, amounting to thousands of URLs. That’s great to know, but what if you have other issues affecting your sitemap? To work more efficiently, you’d likely want to know about all your sitemap issues, not just the 3xx status code pages. If you’re going to have your developers work on a sitemap update, might as well consolidate the work!

ActionBoard makes this possible by organizing actions into themes. It’s easy to go into ActionBoard and select “view all sitemap issues” or “view all canonical tag issues.”

But what if I already know what actions I need to take?

Enterprise SEO professionals are already extremely skilled in identifying what actions need to be taken on their websites, so how would ActionBoard benefit them?

For one, ActionBoard can help experienced SEOs identify high-impact actions faster, as well as we trend them over time, and “star” certain issues to keep them front-and-center in ActionBoard. We know you have the skills and expertise to find critical issues on your own, but you should have the option of speeding up that process so you can spend more time on planning and execution. With less time spent finding issues, you can dedicate more of your time and brainpower to strategic initiatives.

Second, ActionBoard can serve as a helpful gut-check for your already arrived-upon SEO conclusions. Even the best of us could use a second set of eyes, and with ActionBoard, now you have them!

Is ActionBoard only for technical SEOs?

Not at all! Because ActionBoard layers on top of the entire suite of Botify tools, ActionBoard can help content-focused SEOs save time identifying issues impacting organic traffic.

Use ActionBoard to find avenues for organic audience improvement, such as:

  • Thin content that correlates with low traffic
  • Duplicate content that correlates with low traffic
  • Pages with a high ratio of template content to main content

Even if you’re not the SEO responsible for finding and fixing technical issues, ActionBoard could alert you to technical issues that are preventing your content from getting the traffic it deserves so that you can inform your technical team and work together on a solution.

How ActionBoard integrates into product teams’ workflows

Lots of SEOs at enterprise organizations are embedded in web product teams, meaning they often work together with developers and product managers in an agile development environment. ActionBoard fits seamlessly into this type of workflow.

Instead of performing a massive SEO audit and dropping the link to an 80-tab spreadsheet into a Jira task (and then likely seeing that task promptly shut down by the product manager), ActionBoard’s prioritized list of actions makes it easy to break up work into bite-sized chunks. And when your product manager or developers ask you why you’re suggesting something, ActionBoard is ready with a data-backed explanation, including how the action would likely impact traffic.

Explanations of suggested SEO actions, written for you

Another key element of ActionBoard is the education component. Every SEO suggestion comes equipped with an explanation of why the action is important to take.

Do you, as an experienced SEO, need SEO concepts explained to you? Probably not — but think about how this will help with stakeholders.

SEOs often feel like professional justifiers. We know what needs to be done, and why it’s important, but we still have to spend a sizeable chunk of our days explaining this to the stakeholders that need to sign off on our actions before we can do them. In ActionBoard, these explanations are already written for you. Do you have to use them? No. But they’re there in case you do, and we think that’s important.

action explanations

Your to-do list of high priority SEO tasks you need to focus on

That was a lot, so here’s a recap of what ActionBoard is designed to help you do:

  • Provide a prioritized list of SEO actions so you can focus on the highest-impact activities instead of getting lost in the data
  • Spend more time on strategic solutions than wading through data
  • View all the relevant details about each suggested action, such as why it’s an issue, how many URLs it affects, and its impact on traffic
  • View actions by theme, so you can work on fixes with greater efficiency
  • Arm you with the data you need to justify resources from stakeholders

Most importantly, we designed ActionBoard to take SEOs from a place of exasperation and uncertainty to calm confidence.

From “How am I ever going to analyze all this data?” to “Let’s get to work!”

From “I think this is right.” to “I know, based on the data, that this is the right thing to do.”

From “I don’t know where to start.” to “I know exactly what I need to tackle first.”Already a Botify customer? Chat with your Customer Success Manager for more information about how to get ActionBoard. For those who aren’t yet Botify customers but want to know about ActionBoard, request a platform demo here.

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